Passport Validity : Why is it Important?

Ready to go on your next holiday?. You booked the ticket already, confirmed the hotel, packed on your suitcase, and hold up the map. You go smiling and happily in, walk towards the Airport, to found out that you could not go on to the airplane, to do the planning trip that you already planned since last year. Reason? The validity of the passport is not expired yet, but it is closed to the expiration.

When it comes to passport, the expiration date is not always a ‘’expiration date’’. They go by three to six months (depending on the country) before their “Use By” dates. Europe, Asia, and The Americas (except Canada and Mexico) all require six-month validity. A lot of times when you are travelling abroad to those countries that close to you, usually you will be reminded to renew your passport before it come close to six months before expiration.

The rule is created to prevent accidentally overstaying a person travel time in another country by travelling too close to the expiration date. Meaning that anything could be happened on the travel such as illness or any physical accident that would prevent the person to go out from the country which they are visited. When this is happened, the worst case is deportation and the inability to enter the country again.

When your passport is ready, make sure to check out the most powerful passports of 2017.
The world’s 25 most powerful passports

1. Germany, 176 countries can be visited without a visa

2. Sweden, 175

= 3. Denmark, Finland, Italy, Spain, United States, 174

= 8. Austria, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Singapore, United Kingdom, 173

= 16. Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, 172

= 19. Canada, Greece, Portugal, Switzerland, 171

= 23. Australia, South Korea, 170

25. Iceland, 169


Germanys still at the top of the rank for the world’s most powerful passport, with the access to 176 countries, while Britain make it lower as the eight place with the access to 173 countries, from the previous position as the third.

On the contrary, middle eastern countries (Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, & Afghanistan) suffer from the limited access, with only visa-free access to less than 30 countries.



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