Travelling soon? Luggage packing hacks

Thinking of going holiday soon? If so planning out ahead might be a good idea, not only planning out what you are going to do in the spot later, but also planning what and how to put things inside your luggage.

Having known where you are exactly going and what the activities will help you to sort out the things you need inside your luggage. One of the thing you can actually do is check what the weather’s going to be like at your destination of choice, this will give you a general idea about the clothes you should be packing.


1. Make a list

Plan ahead and sort out what you’ll be wearing for each day. Write it all down, make sure as you pack each item, cross it off- to ensure you will not miss anything trivial. Choosing the clothes that are possible to mix and match, so it’ll be easy for you to have a different look for the same pants or tops. Make sure you always bring extra clothes, who knows suddenly the place you are going is raining, having an extra is always beneficial for prevention.

2. Choose proper luggage

Is it a business trip or a personal holiday? The answer to this question will help you to determine the type of luggage you will need to take with you. If it’s a short personal holiday, it may be wise to take only tote bag instead of snazyy suitcase on wheels.

3. Do the Bottoms First

Taken from, ‘’Shoes and heavy/bulky items such as hairdryers and extra handbags should be placed at the bottom of your luggage. If it’s a piece you’ll be carrying, the heaviest bits should be right next to the hinge that attaches the lid, while if it’s a luggage piece on wheels, the bulky bits should be right at the bottom, above the wheels.Your shoes, boots, and packed purses are ideal spots to carry smaller items within: tuck jewellery, socks, gloves, belts, extra glasses, etc. into these to maximize space. Once the heavy bits have been places where you like them, use the spaced in between them for small items like socks, underwear, rolled-up bathing suits, etc’’.

4. Do the Fold, Not the Roll

The internet and social media might have buzzed you with the idea of rolling up your stuff to maximize your luggage. However it is not a good idea. Items that are folded lay nice and flat, as opposed to all those rolled clothes wasting space.

5. Last One : The Upper Layer

For the very top layer of the luggage, the lightweight stuff of delicate fabrics that are prone to wrinkling, such as cotton, satin, and silk should be placed. At the very last, Be sure to take a copy of the list you made with you so that you can cross things off again on your return trip.


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