Why Melaka as holiday destination ?

Without a doubt Malaysia is one of the most famous spot for holiday around Asia, especially for the people who are curious of various culture and food

Malacca, located in the southern region of the Malay Peninsula known as The Historic State of Malaysia has an illustrious history, and proclaims itself as one of Malaysia’s irresistible tourist spot.


Then, the next question is what we can see differently from Melaka. Here are the 5 reasons why you should visit Melaka at least once in your life:


Malacca has some of the best food in Southeast Asia, one of the best is it’s laksa.

Malacca has been a meeting point for several cultures for its geographical location right along the strait between Malaysia and Indonesia. Nyonya Baba the descendants of Chinese immigrants who have intermarried with Native Malays has created laksa – a spicy coconut noodle soup – as their own identical traditional cuisine which creates an irreplaceable taste of mixture of spicy and sour.


Malaysia may be not a party-center to begin with, but don’t worry Malacca has its own local attractions. At the Jonker Street Market, you can be sitting around sharing beers late into the evening, and riding an awesomely unique trishaws. Malaysian rickshaws in Malacca are brightly painted and embellished with flowers with a bombastic music system attached to them, which produces a stream of popular music.


Malacca is a diverse society with 63% Malays, 25% Chinese, 6% Indians, and small communities of Christian with partial Portuguese ancestry and community of Eurasians with Dutch ancestry. Islam is the dominant religion of Melaka i.e. 66% percent, along with about 25% Buddhists, 5% Hindus, and 3% Christian.

3. UNESCO City Since 2008

The Malaysian cities of Melaka and George Town are both cities that are rich in the history in history, with the Asian and European influences leaving them with a unique heritage.

Malacca is a rich in history with the Asian and European influences. UNESCO has listed Malacca as one of their World Heritage Protection, which helps the city itself to be developed in strict standards to protect the richness of the city.

5. Affordable Hotel

Malacca also known for its affordable hotel with a proper facilities. Imperial Heritage Malacca is a perfect choice and one of the best stay in hotel which offers an affordable package start from RM 150. The hotel itself is located in the heart of Malacca surrounded by shopping mall and tourist attractions within walking distance, a choice that you would not want to miss !!!.


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