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Best Resort and Hotel in Malaysia

Bali and Thailand are for sure not the only country in Southeast Asia with a stunning beaches and islands. Malaysia has a dozens of beaches, landscape and islands that are as stunning as those in Bali and Thailand. Here we present the 10 best resorts and hotels in Malaysia for your stay.

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Why Melaka as holiday destination ?

Without a doubt Malaysia is one of the most famous spot for holiday around Asia, especially for the people who are curious of various culture and food

Malacca, located in the southern region of the Malay Peninsula known as The Historic State of Malaysia has an illustrious history, and proclaims itself as one of Malaysia’s irresistible tourist spot.

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Travelling soon? Luggage packing hacks

Thinking of going holiday soon? If so planning out ahead might be a good idea, not only planning out what you are going to do in the spot later, but also planning what and how to put things inside your luggage.

Having known where you are exactly going and what the activities will help you to sort out the things you need inside your luggage. One of the thing you can actually do is check what the weather’s going to be like at your destination of choice, this will give you a general idea about the clothes you should be packing.

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Jonker Street Melaka, places to stay within walking distance

Jonker Street is one of the most famous spot to be visited in Malacca. With a wide array of hotels in Jonker Street, visitors are exposed for choices when it comes to choosing an accommodation that is within their budget, strategically located, and acts as the perfect retreat after a long day of exploring the historical city of Malacca.

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Melaka and its fun facts

The name of Melaka is famous because the city gave the name to the strait between Malaysia and Indonesia which used to borrow all the boats sailing between Europe and China.

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Passport Validity : Why is it Important?

Ready to go on your next holiday? You booked the ticket already, confirmed the hotel, packed on your suitcase, and hold up the map. You go smiling and happily in, walk towards the Airport, to found out that you could not go on to the airplane, to do the planning trip that you already planned since last year. Reason? The validity of the passport is not expired yet, but it is closed to the expiration.

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