Malacca FortMalacca Fort

Malacca Fort where the battle with the Portuguese happened – 3 minutes walk

Cheng Ho Teng
Cheng Ho Teng

Cheng Ho Teng temple (temple of Green Cloud) – 10 minutes walk

Christ ChurchChrist Church

Oldest Church in Malaysia dating more than 250 years back – 15 minutes walk

Independent MuseumIndependent Museum

The Proclamation of Independence Memorial – 3 minutes walk

Nyonya LaksaNyonya Laksa

Baba Nyonya dinner no walking needed! Right in the hotel

Newton Hawker CenterNewton Hawker Center

Largest Malacca hawker food center boasting 50-100 various dishes – 10 minutes walk

Satay CelupSatay Celup

Good satay celup can only be found in Melaka, and nowhere else – Capitol Satay Celup – 15 minutes walk

Cendul MelakaCendul Melaka

Jonker Walk. A street filled with famous street food and antique shops – 12 minutes walk

St. Jhon’s FortSt. John’s Fort

The St. John’s Fort is a historical fort in Malacca – 16 minutes walk

The StadhyusThe Stadthuys

The Stadthuys is historical structure situated in the heart of Malacca – 15 minutes walk

Jonker StreetJonker Street

Jonker Walk. A street filled with famous street food and antique shops – 12 minutes walk

Melaka RiverMelaka River

Historical river cruise at the Malacca river – 13 minutes walk

St. Paul’s ChurchSt. Paul’s Church

St. Paul’s Church is a historic church building in Malacca – 6 minutes walk

Portuguese SquarePortuguese Square

Also known as Mini Lisbon symbolizes the Portuguese community in Malacca – 8 minutes driver

Taming SariTaming Sari

Taming Sari Revolving Tower with a skyline view of Malacca – 10 minutes walk

Dataran PahlawanDataran Pahlawan

The Dataran Pahlwan Melaka is a popular shopping megamall – 1 minutes walk.


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